Care & Maintenance - Amazing Shade
Amazing Shade is located in Southport on the Gold Coast and is fully licenced and insured. We provide high quality Shade Sails, Blinds, Awnings and Roller Shutters. Phone 1300 123 742 for a quote.
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Care & Maintenance

For Exterior Blinds

Please follow these important instructions:

  • All blind types- Only roll up your blinds when they are completely dry
  • Clean with a hose or gentle gurney no closer than 45cm
  • Stubborn marks- mild dishwashing detergent mixed with water can be used (No other chemicals are to be used as this will instantly void the warranty)
  • After installation- ensure all blinds are to be down throughout the day and retracted at night for the first week (excluding storms). This is to alleviate memory in the cloth and to assure good performance and longevity.

It should be known– blinds are not designed to withstand abnormal weather conditions. If abnormal weather conditions are forecast, ensure to retract and secure your blinds to prevent unnecessary damage.

For all repairs and servicing call: 1300 123 742